5 Easy Ways To Up-level Your Brand Today

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Do you keep wondering, “Is my brand good enough…Am I even good enough?” when it comes to your business endeavors?

You’re not alone. Everyone has to battle with their own demons, and a lot of those same demons show up for most of us.

Sometimes the best way to beat them down is to just take action.


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So I mentioned in a previous article that a brand is #allthethings you do for your business. But it shows up most through your interactions with your clients.

  • They’re typically speaking with you one on one
  • Have and continue to check out your website
  • May like following you on social media
  • Are on your email list
  • Pay you for that thing you do
  • Email you directly with a question

That’s a lot of touch points, and it’s just what I came up with in 60 seconds or less. (I didn’t actually time myself so I can’t say for sure.)

Let’s talk about some really easy ways that you can up-level your brand experience without hiring someone to make it pretty. (Although, if you need that you know where to find me right?)



Step 1. Are you easy to find?

Is your business name easy to say, spell, and remember? Maybe? No? Well how on earth is someone going to find out more info about you after you talked?

Have a .com in the US. Yes. I said it. The url you should have is going to be a .com. If you don’t, either someone else already has it, or may end up with it. Then people looking for your site will probably end up on theirs. Not good.

Get one handle for your social media accounts. I know this is easier said than done. But it’s so helpful to not have to try and remember a million and one when all I wanna do is follow you.


Step 2. Is it easy to reach you?

If you don’t have a contact page on your website it’s time to get that going. And if you don’t have a website you can still put a contact form on your facebook page. Or even pin your contact info to the top. Basically, make starting a conversation really easy.

Is it really easy to pm you on social media? If so, make sure we know that that’s an option.


Step 3. What is your response time?

Have you ever sent an email and waited on pins and needles for a response? It felt like it took forever huh? Well, someone who’s interested in working with you may feel this way too. So, give them peace of mind by setting expectations for when they can expect to hear back. Just remember, once you set expectations, it’s on you to adhere to it, otherwise it could reflect poorly on you.


Step 4. How easy is it to start working with you?

So, you’ve been in contact with someone who’s really interested in working with you (thanks to how clear, friendly and intelligent you’ve been because you implemented the previous suggestions right?). The next step is making sure you don’t make paying you difficult. Most of us hate spending, so don’t make us overthink it and let us give you a credit card number.

Next is getting a contract signed. And if you’re a service provider, yes, you should have one. Doesn’t need to sound stiff and legal, just be something that lays out what the terms are on a piece of paper that can be signed. Except, it doesn’t need to be a physical piece of paper. If you’re still using hardcopy I urge you to look into software that can handle getting e-signatures.


Step 5. Don’t Leave them hanging.

If a client has paid and signed, make sure you have a smooth process for starting the work, even if it is set to start at a later date. Send an email letting them know what happens next and when they can expect to hear from you again.

What all of this really boils down to is making it really easy to interact with you and the best way to do that is often through good, clear communication. Working on these areas are some of the least expensive ways you can up-level the brand experience for your business.

If you have all of this in place, go the extra step for yourself and write some template emails for sending an invoice, receiving payment, sending and receiving contracts, and a welcome email. Trust me, it’s a time (and headache) saver in the extreme.

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