Your Business Deserves Fair Pricing

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As women entrepreneurs we find sneaky ways to sabotage our business simply because we love to give.

We’re so concerned with everyone loving, absolutely loving, our work that we just keep giving more and more and more.


Pricing is a key component of brand positioning. When entrepreneurs start working on developing their brand they often forget to consider what the price of working with them is actually saying. I'm here to tell you that you need to be ok with charging enough to happily keep your business running. That means pricing based on the value of your service results and recognizing that it's ok to be more or less expensive based on how you want to position your small business brand.


More time, the call ran long because you were friendly and let the timeline slide since you took more time to catch up in the beginning than you planned for. Now you have to work late to get everything done and are gonna miss the gym, or eat some quick and easy dinner that’s not very healthy.

More value, this new thing your client asked for is super easy so you’ll just throw it in even though the project scope didn’t cover it.

More money, your potential client doesn’t have the budget to cover working with you (they say) so you throw on a discount because they seem really nice and lovely and you know you can help them.

So, ladies (and gentlemen) if you can relate, or your business is struggling, ends aren’t meeting, bills are overdue consider for a minute that maybe you’re too nice.



Eventually you’ll bottom out. Either with time, profit, income, energy. Something has to give and when you’re too nice to everyone else it’s going to come from you.

That’s when Burnout happens.

Suddenly a business that seemed to be killin’ it is just gone. For months, or forever, while the owner is recovering. Now they can’t help anyone.

So, to actually help the most amount of people you can, you need to charge a fair price for your work.

It’s ok to stop playing small with your pricing.

It’s ok to have more than the bare minimum.

It’s ok to stop offering discounts.

It’s ok to stop over-delivering your service.

It’s ok to adjust the price of a project when the project scope changes.

It’s ok to be honest and let your client know that your estimate isn’t actually going to be accurate.

It’s ok to put in the boundaries you need to in order to keep you healthy and yourself in business.

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