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If you’re considering working together on your branding then the best step forward is to apply for a Clarity Call. In a Clarity Call we are able to get a sense for each other while also ensuring that investing your time, money and energy into a more aligned brand is the right move for your business now.

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You’ve Got Questions

I’ve Got Answers

Is a Brand Alignment the same thing as Brand Therapy?

Yes and no. A Brand Alignment is the FIRST level of Brand Therapy, but this is work that needs to be done in layers. 

A Brand Alignment helps you to identify the foundations of your brand strategy by going through my 5 Pillar Framework. However, it is best to look at the end result as a jumping off point.

Brand Therapy picks up where the Brand Alignment left off and gives us the space to deep dive into each of your pillars that need further defining. Through going deeper with this work you have the support needed to really learn to own and accept your inherent difference, value, and message.

Each layer we move through (Brand Alignment, Brand Therapy, Brand Design, Website Design) challenges you to get more focused and clear about how it is you show up, what you do, how you do it, and what the value you provide really is.

Can we design my brand without Brand Therapy?

I fully believe in creating a full brand identity inspired by your grounded brand strategy which is developed through my Brand Therapy process.

In developing your brand strategy we define your overall brand message through uncovering how it is that you show up and aligning your business with your purpose. By working on the mindset associated with your brand strategy (the basis of Brand Therapy) you can embody the resulting brand and message with ease and confidence.

Your brand identity is then created as an anchor of sorts to help you step into who you are becoming. The actual brand identity typically includes a logo, colors, fonts, and imagery recommendations. In my packages I also apply your brand to various deliverables so you are able to share it.

How much does branding with you actually cost?

The first step to branding is to lay your brand strategy foundations with a Brand Alignment. ALL of my clients must go through this first and it is currently $497.

After that, I offer custom pricing based on YOUR individual needs. In general you can expect a Brand Identity (including my signature Brand Therapy Process) to start at $3,000.

If you’re needing Brand and Website work then we are more likely looking at a project cost of about $6,000 which typically includes Copy Collaboration.

Please remember, these are estimates and your custom project costs may look different.

Can I JUST get a logo?
In short. No. I find that the piecemeal approach to branding often leaves you unprepared to share your brand so I don’t offer logo design work without working on a full brand identity.

Additionally I would estimate that 9/10 times when you don’t invest in a full brand identity you’ll find yourself doing a full rebrand a year or two down the road.

Am I ready for a brand?

If you are still figuring out your offers and don’t really have a focus then chances are you don’t need to work on your branding yet. Heck, you probably don’t even need a logo. (Don’t listen to all the hype)! Just give your name a nice typeset and get back to working with your clients until…

It is probably the right time to focus on your brand if:


  • You know what you want to focus on
  • You have a consistent client base and are making around $6k a month
  • You are ready to expand into the online community but your current branding and website doesn’t reflect your expertise
  • You’ve gone through a pretty major shift and want your brand to reflect that.
What if I already have a website?
You are here for a reason. Chances are, it’s time for a change. However, once we’ve identified your brand strategy and goals, we’ll be able to assess whether it makes more sense to just start over or to revive what you already have with your more aligned brand and messaging.
What do you build websites on?
I use or Squarespace to build all of my client’s sites. I’ll help you to determine which platform is best for you given your goals and needs.
What am I responsible for?
  • I’m going to need a good photo of yourself (the more the merrier, but at least 1 high quality image is a must).
  • Payment for any additional image, software or font licenses not including the theme license fee.
  • You’ll need to purchase your own hosting and domain name. I want you to have full control of your website, but don’t worry, I’ll walk you through choosing your platform, host and package.
  • Login details for accounts I’m connecting to (domain, hosting, email…) so I can set everything up for you.
  • Providing the content and details needed for branding such as your email, phone number, opt-ins, etc…
  • Your commitment. Branding with me is a collaboration. It’s not something you can just hand off and forget about. I need YOU.
What happens after? Can I keep working with you as my needs grow?
Of course! I love seeing my client’s needs grow. After we’ve branded together you’ll be able to work with me again and again and again as a VIP client should you want to.

As a VIP client you’ll have access to a number of various services including brand audits to help you evolve your brand naturally to avoid costly rebrands and one-off design projects.

What are your billing and payment methods?

I accept most major credit cards but prefer electronic checks whenever possible. All pricing is in USD.

Any service or project below $1,500 is billed upfront.

What's your refund policy?

I don’t offer refunds on services.

That’s why I offer the Brand Alignment separately from the larger, custom packages. I want you to feel 100% on board with working together on your brand.

This service is no longer offered as a stand-alone and has been rolled into a bigger package. Email me at for more information on how we can work together and what services are available.