Top 5 Favorite Questions for Clients

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In a Brand Adjustment I ask you quite a few questions. These questions are intended to get you to think about your business in ways that you may not have yet; define aspects to it previously unconsidered.

It’s a key step to building a well rounded brand because it’s how we both learn and discover your purpose and message.

I distilled five questions from this service that can help get you on the track of developing a purpose-led brand.


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1. Why did you start this company to begin with?

Be honest with yourself cause there are no wrong answers. For myself, I started Lavish Craft after leaving my previous job because I couldn’t imagine ending up in a similar situation again. Every time looked for a position with another company I couldn’t seem to break through the mental block I had created for myself. Only after I started working for myself did I begin developing a passion for what I do and it has been going strong ever since. My desire to work with other entrepreneurs and help with business strategy is what helped me to niche services so I that I started attracting the clients I really wanted to be working with.


2. What do you really want your brand to say about you or your business?

I find that while the idea is there it’s rarely written down and refined. When you write it down you can refer back to it when situations come up that make you question your purpose. It doesn’t need to be set in stone because change is necessary and your brand purpose may shift. If this happens you may be needing to look at a rebrand, but not always. Try to keep it short. I recommend defining it in 5-10 words max.


3. Does your business name reflect the answer from #2? How?

While I believe there is no such thing as a perfect business name, you need to be careful that the name isn’t hurting your business. A good way to look at it is to consider whether your business name has the same feel as your brand.


4. How do you want your clients/customers to feel at the end of working with you?

This could be a reflection of the service you provide and how it has answered the need they had. You could also consider how your presentation of material and help made the experience better. Either way, your brand should be working toward this end so it is a good practice to know what that end is.


5. What is the energy of the service you provide?

The energy of your brand versus your service don’t have to be the same, but they should work in conjunction with each other. My Brandēquip is energetic. It has to be in a way because branding takes a lot of work and the energy that I bring supports my clients throughout the process. We are both excited about the possibilities and the future of their business.

This is only a start. We can and should go deeper. The more levels we identify and dig into, the clearer your message will be and the more marketable your brand will be.

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